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The Best of Motorcycles and Scooters
Ducati Desmosedici RR. Undeniable sovereign.
There isn’t a speed enthusiast in the world who does not dream of riding this monster of the road. The commercial replica of the GP6, with a desmodromic engine, is awesome. Inside, the most advanced technology: titanium valves, sophisticated electronic injection system, hydraulic clutch, etc. The engine revs up to 13,800 rpm and delivers 200 hp. A sensitive and exclusive beauty –only 150,000 units manufactured– with a circuit spirit. Price: in the region of 67,545 €.
Ducati Streetfighter S. Naked beauty.
Naked with a super-sport spirit, sophistication and design, it won many hearts at the 2008 Milan Show. A powerful urban fighter with carbon mudguards and 167 kilos in weight. Price: 20,295 €.
Ducati 1198 S. To fly through avenues.
Another legend created by the Italian firm with the aim of being the heir to the mythical 1098. A road supersport with an innovative traction control system. Fast, powerful and agile. Price: 22,936€.

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