The Best of Private aviation
Bombardier Global Express XRS. The lord of the skies.
It is the most luxurious, the most complete, the biggest and boasts of having the longest range without refuelling. With a price of more than 45 million Dollars, it is also one of the most expensive. On top of that, an innovative infrared system makes it the safest. Two 710 Rolls-Royce turbines enable it transport up to 19 passengers, with a range of 6,150 nm., reaching 950 km/h. Famous personalities, such as Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg, are already enjoying its comfort and slender lines.
Dassault Falcon 7X. Sophistication and design.
The new flagship of the emblematic French company costs in the region of 50 million Euros. Up to 19 passengers can enjoy the luxury of travelling at 1,100 km/h and covering up to 11,000 kilometres without having to stop for refuelling. A luxury home on-board.
Gulfstream G650. Luxury and business.
This latest model will not make its debut until the middle of 2012. It costs in the region of 58.5 million Dollars and will be the fastest non-military plane, capable of covering approximately 8,000 miles at an altitude of 15,000 metres without worrying about the weather.

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Private jets. The sky is the limit.

The world has become smaller. Distances are no longer measured in kilometres but in the time we need to fly over the clouds, cross continents and reach our destination.
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Super-aeroplanes: Giants of the air.

They are very big, very expensive and very exclusive. Designed to transport millions of passengers, they have been adapted to be placed at the service of a few privileged ones; because if there is one thing in aviation that can be easily bought with money, that is space.
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Houses on wheels which are bigger than apartments.

Making better use of the space inside a motorhome is essential to guarantee passenger comfort. There are four groups of models on the market, whose interior distribution caters to specific needs.
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Classic car auctions are oblivious to the economic crisis.

They are a different kettle of fish. No real estate bubble or stock market crash affects them. Experts say that a good classic car always appreciates in value.
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Motor boats: luxury in any size.

Above all, sailing is a passion, which is why buying one boat rather than another is not always a rational decision. Although megayachts attract the most attention, the truth is that traditional sailing cannot be brushed aside.
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The secrets of Asian cosmetics
Blemish Balm creams have come into vogue in the west by combining treatment and makeup in a single product. The result: a natural appearance and velvety skin.
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