There are countless schools that teach students to move and act on the stage, and even to engage with the public. However, only a few manage to place students on the path to success and fame....  Read more [+]

The Best of Acting, dancing and ballet schools
Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Russia). The Bolshoi reserve.
Commonly known as the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, it is one of the oldest academies in the world and the affiliate school of the Bolshoi Ballet, one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. Its dance training facilities are among the best in the world and it has its own teaching method - the Bolshoi method – which is also used in other famous centres. The Academy organises auditions every year for entry into its programmes.
The Royal Ballet School, London (UK). International projection.
Specialised in classical ballet, it has a lower school (11 -16 years) and an upper school (from 16 years). The school only provides specialist training in classical ballet and graduates generally find employment in ballet companies across the world.
Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, Saint Petersburg (Russia). Own style.
It has its own teaching method since 1920 – the Vaganova method – also adopted by other schools. Approximately 60 students are selected annually but only 25 manage to graduate after completing the full course of training.

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