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The Best of PCs and Laptops (January 2011)
Apple Mac Pro 12-Core, the fastest ever
Professionals requiring high process capacity, such as architects, have to take a look at the upgrade of the mythical Mac Pro. With 12 cores of processing power (50% more than its predecessor), it is the fastest on the market. New, up to five times faster graphic cards. Hard drive easily expandable up to 8 TB. Four 512 GB solid-state memory drives, twice as fast as hard drives for video encoding. € 4.899
Alienware M17x, for video gaming
The laptop for gamers and graphic designers. Power and speed thanks to its Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad QX9300, designed for gaming, and 8 GB of RAM DDR3 memory. 17” high-definition screen. The graphics are the key to gaming quality thanks to its two Nvidia GeForce GTX 289M graphics cards in SLI, among the best on the market. Blu-ray optical drive. Excellent customisation functions. Anodised aluminium and ground-breaking design. € 5.764.
The Best of PCs and Laptops
Apple Mac Pro 8-Core, the perfect machine
This is Apple’s most powerful, fastest and best-looking desktop computer. The experts highlight its appearance and excellent finish, along with its faultless performance with Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processors and a new system architecture together offering twice the performance of previous Mac Pro generations. The inside has been redesigned to achieve a cleaner environment, without wires, and with better cooling. Matchless. Price: €2,788.
Sony Vaio Serie Z, the best Japanese technology
This gem from Sony has become an indispensable tool for professionals of all kinds. It is the Japanese firm’s most comprehensive and advanced laptop, revamped in early 2010. It contains powerful Intel Core i7 processors and an innovative Quad SSD Raid unit. A 13.1 inch screen and weight of just 1,450 grams. Price: from €1,599.

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... And Jobs created the iPad

The brilliant Steve Jobs, founder of the venerated Apple in 1976, again revolutionized the IT sector on 27 January 2010 with the much-awaited launch of the iPad, a tool which seems to have no clearly defined place on the market.
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