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The Best of Plastic Surgeries
Laclinic. The favourite among famous personalities.
In Montreux, Switzerland. One of the few clinics in the world exclusively dedicated to beauty and a pilgrimage place for politicians, actors and famous personalities. It has doctors, surgeons, endocrinologists and physiotherapists. It supplements cosmetic surgery and medicine with a full range of therapies, such as dental, hair and cosmetic treatments- for a comprehensive approach to beauty. It has its own range of cosmetic products developed by Helena Rubinstein. Luxury and professionalism.
Javier de Benito. Surgeon and gentleman.
They call him 'the gentleman of cosmetic surgery' because he discourages his services to people who don't need them. At the top of world rankings and member of the most prestigious associations. His team carries out 1,200 interventions a year.
USP Instituto Universitario Dexeus. The latest advances.
Reputed and award-winning Barcelona hospital equipped with pioneer installations and the latest advances in technology and comfort. Prestigious team of professionals dedicated to cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medicine and weight loss.

What’s new

Cryolipolysis. Eliminate fat with cold.

Increasingly less invasive and much better than superficial creams: the latest techniques to correct body defects are becoming available in beauty centres.
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Depression. The second biggest affliction of this century.

It is one of the scourges of the 21st century and on the way to becoming the second cause of incapacity for work. Modern societies aggravate the illness. When a state of deep sadness drags on for too long, see a doctor.
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The water miracle.

Either because the water has medicinal-mineral properties or because its jets are so relaxing, or both, the water in spas and mineral spring spas makes miracles in this busy modern life of ours. Spa resorts offer the benefits of water as a holiday alternative.
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Drug addiction. More than a disease.

Drug addiction is a modern disease with wide healthcare cover. It is increasing faster among school children and young women. Overcoming the disease requires acknowledging the disease and receiving the support of professionals, family and friends.
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Glasses, contact lenses or operation?

Not everyone adapts to glasses. Contact lenses and simple laser operations are alternatives for some eye problems, but not for all eyes.
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The secrets of Asian cosmetics
Blemish Balm creams have come into vogue in the west by combining treatment and makeup in a single product. The result: a natural appearance and velvety skin.
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