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The Antarctic on Le Boréal: the sensation of 2010
"The ship of the moment -launched in 2010- and the most 'in' expedition: Antarctica. Le Boréal is far beyond anything so far known in cruisers that go to the ends of the Earth: chic and avant-garde, with cabins worthy of a boutique hotel. The classic Abercrombie & Kent circuit (Buenos Aires-Ushuaia-Drake Passage-Antarctic Peninsula), accompanied by a team of scientists, leaves on 7 December 2010. It is for travellers with a spirit of adventure and lovers of nature. Price: from 7.500 €.
A sabbatical semester from Regent: crossing the seven seas
From Fort Lauderdale (U.S.) to Southampton (U.K.) without crossing the Atlantic. A life-enhancing experience in an elegant ship (the Seven Seas Voyager) that lasts more than 5 months and passes through 5 continents. Sets sail 27 December 2010. From €64,000.
A Gaelic Trilogy: the Celtic Hebridean symphony
Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man in 7 nights on board the elegant Hebridean Princess. The company offers a spectacular "all inclusive" formula with VIP transfer, gourmet cuisine and drinks, gala dinners and private excursions. From 7 to 14 June 2011, from 4,850 euros.

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The World: a luxury boat as a residence

The World has become a luxury residence that travels non-stop around the world. The fortunate passengers are the owners of their cabins and have turned cruising into a way of life.
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The most fascinating cruises in the next few months

Any corner of the globe, however far or inhospitable it may be, can be reached by sea, sleeping, eating and enjoying life as a bon vivant. There are still paradises out there and amazing ships that can reach them.
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Refuges to recover your harmony

Disconnect, recover your rhythm and feel much better when you return from your holidays. These are some of the almost secret places with a great deal of charm that are perfect for romantic retreats, relaxing stays or personal renewal trips.
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Space adventures: the sky's your destination

Being in space, feeling your body float, seeing the Earth from outside, being an astronaut for a moment and forming part of history are all possible thanks to space tourism. It’s the most exclusive trip in the world.
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The ten best breakfasts with a view

Start your day facing the Taj Mahal with a cup of Indian tea, raising a champagne toast on the savannah or atop a cliff with views of the Perito Moreno glacier... These are just some of the most appetizing breakfasts for a getaway with a loved one.
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The secrets of Asian cosmetics
Blemish Balm creams have come into vogue in the west by combining treatment and makeup in a single product. The result: a natural appearance and velvety skin.
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