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elBulli 2005: the best book of the best restaurant
Written by the Adriá brothers (Albert and Ferrán) and Juli Soler, this is a journey through the best restaurant of the world via its 2005 culinary creations. Published by RBA, the 365-page book maintains a very professional and technical approach, but it has a didactic side with plenty of practical suggestions. Another feature of the work are the masterful photographs by Francesc Guillamet. The edition includes a 2-hour CD-ROM where some of the recipes are explained.
Nobu Hoy: the Japanese kitchen
Nobuyuki Matsuhisa is one of the current top chefs. He was trained as sushi chef at the Matsuei Sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Published by RBA, the 256 pages of Nobu Hoy are a tour through the essence of the Japanese cuisine, which aims for natural and light dishes.
Sergio Portrait: a portrait of talent
With two Michelin stars, Sergio Hermann has revolutionized cuisine in Holland. His publication is in two volumes: Sergio Portrait and Sergio Catalogue. In the first, he speaks about his life as chef. It has 48 pages illustrated with black and white pictures. The second is a picture album without any text where the originality of his creations can be seen in 136 pages. Recipes are included in the notebook Sergio Manual.

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Pages of haute cuisine

This book has a different flavour. Food for Thought, Thought for Food (Actar) is a match between the world of art (Vicente Todolí and Richard Hamilton) and haute cuisine (Ferran Adrià). A creation promoted by Documenta de Kassel.
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The market says Yes to accessible quality

Well-chosen products and reasonable prices, as well as specialization in some sectors like tourism that are still thriving, have become the gastronomic establishments’ main weapons to face the future.
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The gourmet paradise in Berlin

This is a legendary space. The KaDeWe in Berlin is, for many people, the best store in the world. Wine connoisseurs and gastronomes can take their pick from more than 33,000 products. Just one example: there are no fewer than 1,300 different cheeses.
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Asia to the rescue of the most exquisite wines

French wines top the lists as the best in the world. But the economic crisis and the competition from winemakers from outside Europe are stiflling producers, who are turning to new gourmets in China, India and Russia.
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Spices that transform dishes

In the search for new mixes of flavours to amaze diners, modern cuisine is exploiting a fusion of exotic spices, because they transform dishes and instantly evoke distant lands.
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The secrets of Asian cosmetics
Blemish Balm creams have come into vogue in the west by combining treatment and makeup in a single product. The result: a natural appearance and velvety skin.
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